Spotlight on Ali Berger

Meet Ali Berger: Co-Founder of ALLAUR Creative + Events, Ali leaves a sparkle with each entrepreneurial touch.

Tell us about ALLAUR!

At ALLAUR, we help professionals like you take your organization to the next level through custom event planning and creative services. We are committed to creating memorable experiences for our clients and executing every project we take on with excellence and an utmost attention to detail. We create to impact.

What makes us unique is that not only do we have over 6 years of experience creating memorable event experiences and winning social media strategies, but we offer everything you need to have a successful event strategically designed to surpass your organization's goals. We also work with clients who are looking to grow their social presence and work with them to create a strategic social media plan with stunning graphics that produce strong call-to-actions and boost engagement.

While I am a firm believer in setting intentions, ALLAUR ironically was started by accident. As a creative, I am always creating something. My best friend and I had extra picture frames sitting around and decided to turn them into bulletin boards and post them on Etsy because, what else do you do at 2am on a summer night? ALLAUR is what we named our shop because it combines both of our names (Al + Laur) and it looked cute in a logo (we're all about #aesthetic).

Around the same time, we had the opportunity to work on producing several events together and as we began those projects, more random opportunities started coming our way. We like to think this was a divine nudge pointing us in the direction of investing in growing our company. So we shut down the Etsy store, and turned ALLAUR into a creative + events agency. Just a few months later, I actually left my FT job at an award-winning custom software company to invest full-time in creating events + creative that IMPACT. I'm so grateful for this journey, the community that has supported us along the way, and I love having the opportunity to love others well through the work I do while doing it with one of my favorite people. Our desire is to build an events + creative empire creating the most impactful events + creative strategies and we are so thrilled to have our Next Gen community as a part of our journey!

If you could go back in time and give your younger self advice, what would it be?

That it's OK to say "no." I am a 2 - the helper - so naturally I love helping others and put their needs above my own. If you're confused, check out the Enneagram. Saying "no" actually creates more opportunity for you to invest your time in the most valuable places. It allows you to cultivate more meaning and purpose.

The best part is? Saying "no" is valuable not just in your professional life, but in your personal life too. Feeling overwhelmed? YOU have control of your own schedule. Sit down, make a list of what is most important to you, and start to say "no" to the rest! You'll find that you can start saying "yes" to and showing up for what matters most. That is fulfilling.

What do you want to be remembered for?

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I leave a little sparkle wherever I go, literally. I think that in every opportunity we step into, we should make the most of it. Personally, this means being present, loving the people around me well and giving it my all. I think when we approach any situation with those intentions, whether it's work, or our personal lives, we are able to create an impact. At the end of our lives we won't be remembered for all of the things we did, but for how we made others feel. When you make others feel good, it starts to become contagious! It empowers them to pass on the "sparkle" with their own unique flare. In the workforce, maybe it looks like training someone else to do your job even better than yourself, mailing a handwritten thank you note, or sending someone their favorite flowers.

I want to be remembered for really caring about people, going above and beyond to intentionally love others, and by showing up for them by giving whatever I am doing my all. That is part of why we chose "Create to Impact" as the mantra of ALLAUR. We aren't just about creating impactful results, but are all about creating meaningful relationships and experiences. We might just leave a little glitter behind too.

Confidence Boost Power Song: My House, Flo Rida
Words you live by: "People don't grow where they're planted, they grow where they're loved." - Bob Goff
Best trip you ever took: Spontaneous overnight beach trip to OC where we didn't pack and picked up everything we needed at a local Walmart

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