Spotlight on Adam Guild

Meet Adam Guild: 19 year old serial tech entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, and founder of Placepull, which helps local businesses get new customers.


Tell us about Placepull.

We help local businesses get new customers.

Our mission is to empower local business owners, who are heroes in their communities, to succeed. To achieve that mission, we focus on customer acquisition for local businesses – the science of getting businesses new customers as cost effectively as possible.

We’ve built a suite of technology and systems to optimize that outcome. Our marketing system is based around capturing local demand and converting that demand into new customers. It currently leads to 8,568 new customers driving an additional $657,797 in revenue, on average, per location.

Strategically, we are starting with capturing the $23,000,000,000+ restaurant marketing space. Once we’ve achieved market saturation there, we’re expanding to markets with similar characteristics, economics, and strategic viability.

We’re passionate about empowering local business owners because we believe they are heroes in our country. They make great sacrifices to improve the quality of life in their communities and simultaneously create new opportunities for economic advancement.

We were founded in January of 2018 and have been growing rapidly since – with customers in California, Florida, Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Texas, Maine, and more. As such, we’re always looking to hire great people who believe in our mission and who can contribute to our journey.

In fact, that’s the reason I agreed to do this interview as an exception to my very deliberate privacy measures. We’re always looking to hire A-Player candidates and the NGS community has many. If our mission and strategy resonate with you, and you believe you can contribute to our journey, send me an email telling me why to hire you and how you can add value.

What was the first entrepreneurial idea you ever had?

The first entrepreneurial idea I ever pursued was an idea to build a social network for my sixth grade class. We all really wanted to be on Facebook but none of us were allowed by our parents or by Facebook itself as 11 and 12 year olds.

So, as a social outcast, I saw opportunity to bolster my status and redefine my identity.

In a week – I strung together the first version of Centipedes Connect using open source resources and sent the link to a few friends. Within 24 hours, nearly our entire class of 60 had signed up and was using it all day after school. It had the basic profile and messaging capabilities as Facebook and we also had a really popular music section where people could download remixes of many of the top songs at the time. 

And my hypothesis proved true. I was swarmed socially for a while with requests, compliments, and general popularity. I felt validated for the first time in my life – but that would be short-lived.

Our school ended up forcing me to shut it down after a few weeks over security concerns, but by then, I had already tried the gateway drug and would soon be craving more.

A few tries later, I founded my first truly successful entrepreneurial project at 13 years of age with $40 seed in the gaming and consumer technology space. We facilitated multiplayer experiences for a game called Minecraft and this project ended up reaching over 3,000,000 users and a team of over 50 at its peak. It eventually devolved into a commercialization agreement with Microsoft and was subsequently acquired.

And since then, I’ve been obsessed with the same virtuous cycle of growing through trial and error.

What is your genius space?

As I alluded, I’ve always been socially isolated and simply unable to fit in. 

That condition seems harmful at first but has actually lead to building my greatest strength.

Being unable to naturally understand other people forced me to develop a masterful understanding of human psychology and human behavior – because excellent communication, cooperation, and empathy are critical skills to wield in improving the world.

Rather than having to fend off natural urges to process situations emotionally, I default to objectivity and maneuver based on my understanding of the human operating system.

And that strength, which was initially a weakness, has improved my own ability to impact others and to drive toward my life goal of improving our world.

Apple or PC: ... Apple.
Words you live by: “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction” - apocryphally attributed to Albert Einstein but amazing outlook regardless. 
Idols: Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Peter Thiel, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison

Alex Gordon