Spotlight on Jesse Krim

Meet Jesse Krim, a thought leader with a passion for sharing inspiring and motivational words. As the Founder and CEO of Influis and a motivational speaker himself, he was inspired by a brush with death to live life to the fullest and share the same outlook with others.

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Tell us about Influis.

Influis is an audio platform to capture brilliant thoughts around topics of success, business, entrepreneurship, personal development, and inspiration. Users can choose to keep audio notes private, or simply tag them and share them with the world. We believe that everyone has something to share, some thought, story, or perspective, and our goal is to build a wealth of the world’s knowledge to uncover the thoughts and principles of what makes people successful.


How did you become interested in personal development and motivational speaking?

Two minutes changed my entire outlook on life. I was driving home with my Uncle after a NJ Devils hockey game when we were rear-ended. A masked man fully covered in black ordered us to the ground and held us at gunpoint. He stole my uncle's Mercedes and left us on the side of the road, but spared us our lives... I experienced, in real life, the "gun to the head mentality" principle. It took a while to interpret the effects that that moment had on my life, but it freed me to live a life true to myself, my passions, and my beliefs. I came to realize there is no limit to one's beliefs, and no one's opinion about you should hold you back because life is entirely what you are able to make and perceive it.

So the summer of my sophomore year of college I was sitting on the couch bored, uninspired, and feeling very average. I didn't know what to do with my life, and I felt immense pressure to figure something out. I took to the internet, and after searching for a few hours I came to some notable speakers around the topic of personal development, performance psychology, and motivation; Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, Sheryl Sandburg, James Altucher, and Dean Graziosi to name a few. I was lucky I discovered them, and they made a major impact on my life.

I spent every minute of my free time dedicated to learning from them and consuming hours upon hours of content through articles, videos, and podcasts never knowing how it would pay off. The lessons I learned from these people have impacted my life and created such a fierce drive inside to be my very best every single day. I've learned to embody the principles that have made these influencers, who I call my mentors, so successful. I vowed that I would become an impactful influencer myself some day. So recently I started an Instagram channel named OneMinuteMindset where I share the lessons I've learned from the world's most successful people with those who are seeking to create a highly impactful life. Over time I'll leverage the audience I'm working on building to create brand equity and start speaking in front of crowds. If I could do anything in my life, I want to be the Tony Robbins of my generation. The impact that he has created in millions of people's lives leaves me in awe of his accomplishments.

Tell us about the work you're doing for Ribbon upon graduation! 

Ribbon is a new way to discover, plan, and experience events and trips with friends. We are working to create the ultimate social calendar. I worked with the Founder and CEO for 6 weeks last summer in San Francisco where he and I would work all hours of the day testing, debugging, and creating new features for the app (non-technically). I play a major operations role within the company as one who knows the app, and the backend data side, best. So I have a unique opportunity to be a part of launching an application from the ground up at a young age. My plan is to leverage the connections, knowledge, and experience that I will gain working with Ribbon, to launch what I hope to be my life's work, an application called Influis.

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