Spotlight on David Khandrius

Meet David Khandrius - the founder of Khandy Tech, a web-implementation and product consulting agency that was recently acquired by JUICE Labs. He reflects upon the successful creation and acquisition of Khandy Tech and updates us on his current work. 

Tell us about how you started Khandy Tech and its process of evolution. 

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 16 when I was building websites and creating promo materials for DJs and club promoters. In college I started my first startup that failed miserably but taught me many important lessons. After the startup failed, I did a brief stint working for another company building their e-commerce offering. At that job I realized that I love working with e-commerce, websites, and marketing and I loved having my own company. I started Khandy Tech as a web implementation and product consulting agency helping businesses build out and grow their products and web presence. I focused on building the agency and quickly grew the client base through referrals. One thing that I got really lucky with is I was able to build an amazing team. My team was phenomenal. They let me grow the agency to the point where everything was systemized and it was a well oiled machine that practically ran itself. Through the work at Khandy Tech I developed a passion for building amazing products and started moving more into product management. While Khandy Tech was running like a well oiled machine, I took on a product management consulting job at a Fortune 100 financial firm. This really helped me learn more about product management and implement a lot of the stuff I learned at Khandy Tech - enabling me to help my clients ship beautifully built products. 


What was the process of acquisition like? 

I got extremely lucky in my acquisition and it was a euphoric process - watching something you worked super hard on finally come to full fruition is an amazing feeling. A childhood friend of mine started an agency (JUICE) and I was helping them with some web implementation stuff. Through our work together we noticed a lot of synergy between our two companies. Additionally, JUICE needed a product person on their team. JUICE decided to acquire my agency and bring me on board as the Director of Product. The process was very smooth because our agencies had so much synergy, because the co-founder was a close friend, and because after the acquisition I was joining the team. The hardest part was negotiating to try and find the best deal for me as a founder, my friend as an acquirer, and my team to make sure whoever wanted to continue working had the opportunity to do so. I think that some founders get so caught up in the euphoria of acquisition that they don’t get the optimal deal for themselves and their teams during the acquisition process. As I said - just extremely lucky.


What are you up to now? 

Right now I have joined JUICE - the company that acquired me - as the Director of Product. I’m super exited about this because the team at JUICE is one of the coolest teams I’ve ever been a part of and our clients and offerings are awesome. JUICE is a digital growth agency that’s also building a lot of proprietary social marketing tools - which is my main focus there. On the agency side we have some really cool clients that I’m super excited to work with and learn from. On the product side there’s not much I can publicly talk about just yet but there are some really awesome things in the pipeline that I have the pleasure of being the PM on. Will definitely share the products with the group once I’m able to. All in all, JUICE is a great opportunity for me to advance my PM skills, work with a great team, and get exposure to a lot of other companies and people.

Haley Smith