Spotlight on Chiraz Bensemmane

Meet Chiraz Bensemmane - an international consultant aiding a multitude of clients in understanding their markets to deliver the most value through her company, Pitch World Fast.


Tell us about the consulting work you do with companies.

My company’s objective is to help companies and people better sell themselves and accompany them to get to the next level, whether by better understanding their local market or how to approach new people and new markets.

Each company has its own culture, vision and therefore it is for me important to understand that to ensure that I deliver them with services that match their values.

I have had the chance of working in more than 12 countries with completely different styles and in different stages of the economy. I worked in the BRICS (only missing Russia) and countries such as Norway, Canada, the UK, US and each of them have its own culture and processes.

I put this knowledge and experience at the disposal of my clients, enabling them to have a quick adaptation to the market and the people evolving in it.

Some of my consulting work consisted in supporting a company in exporting its products and services to Latin America and drafting the right sales strategy, another one was about finding the right partner in Algeria, or even assisting the client when going to fairs, establishing the approach strategy and sales follow up.

Each company is different. Therefore, the solution I offer tends to be customized to their needs. It is most important for me to make sure that we are on the same page and that the client understands that we need to go step by step, not too fast or too slow, with the right strategy and rhythm for them.




Your logo includes a picture of a phoenix - what is the symbolic nature of this to you?

I have to say I love my logo and it is a daily inspiration for me.

It all came from an experience I had in high school. We had a very demanding teacher and most of us were failing the class - never getting grades higher than 10 (out of 20). One day I got a 14 and he said about my piece, “we have a student here who didn’t give up and rose like a Phoenix from its ashes, well done!” and it has really stuck with me.

When it comes to sales or entrepreneurship, we will be faced with NOs and with challenging moments but those moments are teaching moments and even if we feel we are at the lowest level, like a Phoenix we should and we will rise.

This is what I try to communicate to my clients, we should always keep on going, there are no problems, only solutions 


Tell us about your one-on-one coaching techniques and how you like to empower those you work with.

Whether for consulting, training or coaching, what is important for me is to make sure that I answer my clients’ needs, that it really fits with their objectives, and that it comes down to coaching their personality.

I am a firm believer in relationships and getting to know the client because it is the only way that we would know how to motivate them, how to communicate with them with the best feedback & wordings, how to get them to their objectives, what their current situation is and also what they believe prevents them from advancing. I ask a lot of questions.

I want the people I coach to understand what they are great at and realise that this is what they should focus on while getting them to the next level and out of their comfort zone. We all need to be challenged.

We can’t be all good at everything and as long as we are open to learning, discussing and changing, this is how we evolve. We grow, and I think by wanting and realizing we would need a coach, it is the first step towards a better version of ourselves.

To a certain extent we all have coaches, but sometimes we need someone to be accountable to because it gives us the extra push to unlock our capabilities.

I like to see myself as a real partner and extension of who I coach because my main role is to help them unlock all their potential. It is really all about them and for them!


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