Applications Open @ NYC Based Accelerator

VentureCrush has opened applications for their upcoming VentureCrushFG cohort beginning this fall! The program welcomes driven entrepreneurs to apply for the NYC-based accelerator and community. Learn more here.

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About VentureCrush:

VentureCrush is a related set of community-enhancing programs developed and run by the Tech Group at Lowenstein Sandler LLP (a leading law firm with a deep commitment to the start-up and growth company community in tech). The programs were created by Ed Zimmerman, the Tech Group’s Chair and Lowenstein Sandler partners: Mark Kesslen, Kathi Rawnsley, Anthony Pergola and Ray Thek. In short, they are invite only programs and events involving startup and growth company founders, the investors who back them (whether venture investors, growth equity investors or angel investors), larger and sometimes global tech companies and others who support the Tech community in the U.S. and abroad. Because Ed Zimmerman is obsessed with wine and he and a few of the others running these events are obsessed with music, we often have intriguing wine, great winemakers, and terrific music. The core components of VentureCrush are: VentureCrushNY, VentureCrushSF, VentureCrushFG, VentureCrushAV, and VentureCrushFGX. We’ve described each below. VentureCrush includes other smaller events and programs as well. We at VentureCrush/Lowenstein Sandler LLP also really appreciate our co-hosts, supporters and, of course, sponsors for these events!

VentureCrushFG, a NYC-based accelerator, builds a community of Founders (and strives to avoid engendering competition between the founders within VCFG). VCFG does NOT: (1) take equity, (2) charge, (3) require anyone to do business with anyone else or (4) have a demo day. Please don’t construe this to be a vote against these things, we’ve just chosen a different path. While VentureCrushFG doesn’t take equity, we’re very proud of our portfolio – we’re stakeholders, not stockholders. We care deeply about our companies. Founded in 2009, VentureCrushFG counts ninety companies as alumni. With well over half receiving funding, while in the program and several with successful exits already, we’re proud to have played a small role in helping our portfolio and appreciate the jobs and innovation these companies have yielded.

The Opportunity:

Each year, VentureCrushFG runs a program from fall through spring. Over the course of the program, the VentureCrushFG Companies work with the Community Members to learn about fundraising, product/market fit, pacing and development milestones, culture building, customer acquisition and recruitment and retention strategies. We also strive to enable our Companies to enhance and expand their networks as they get to know (not pitch, but actually get to know) investors and other tech founders and executives.

VentureCrush is seeking talented and driven startups to apply to their upcoming cohort. Accepted startups will develop relationships with one another and with the many VCs, angels and executives in our network, as well as participating in our other VentureCrush events. Startups applying should be:

  • willing to commit to coming to our 5 half day sessions in New York during an 8 month period

  • working on their startup full time

  • preferably more than one founder

  • preferably someone with technical expertise

Startups with great founders are encouraged to apply. We don’t need a full management team and we don’t need a technical founder but having one sure helps. We do generally prefer – no, we STRONGLY prefer, having more than one founder working full time. Further, entrepreneurs should be either first or second time CEOs or other C-level executives of the start-up.

Applying is free and there is no charge for admission.

Location: Sessions are held in NYC


APPLY HERE and let them know Next Gen sent you!

Alex Gordon