Entrepreneur Casting Call @ Major Network

Next Gen-er Beverly Tan is casting entrepreneurs for a major television network show who can build creative businesses and create revenue quickly in order to win a competition. Find out more about the casting call here!


About Fire & Spunk Productions:

Beverly Tan is a long-time entrepreneur taking a little stint with a major network as a casting producer. Why? Because this is an opportunity to bring her two loves, startups and television, together!

Personally, I'm the owner/producer of Fire & Spunk Productions, which is a full-service media company but isn't affiliated with this show or network.

The Opportunity:

We are casting for the first season of a brand new major network show. This is a show in which a celebrity host will be giving our contestants (teams of 2 entrepreneurs) X amount of cash and X amount of days to turn it into as much money as they can. The winner will get to keep their profits and will also win a cash prize.

We are seeking experienced entrepreneurs that are confident in their ability to hold their own in this competition and come up with creative ideas that make money! We are not seeking anything with gambling or anything that's simply internet (because day trading doesn't make for great tv). Existing businesses are fine as long as there's some process we can follow. Example: If you have an existing business, you can't just use the cash for ad spend, but you CAN put out a limited edition product or you CAN make it mobile.

We want potential candidates to be prepared to turn a profit with $5k in 5 days or $25k in 25 days. The amount you'll actually get will depend on your episode but those are two ballparks you should be well prepared for with two DIFFERENT ideas.

We are casting nationwide in all major US cities. Filming will be in 2020, the schedule is flexible at this time. You must be over the age of 18 and legal to work in the US.

Deadline to Apply: 11/22/19

Location: All major US cities

Industry: Media


APPLY HERE or email Beverly directly with names, locations, contact (phone + email), and why you are PERFECT for this!

Next Gen POC: Beverly Tan

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