Speaking @ Tech Series

Curated by Next Gen-er David France, The Venture Cafe Foundation is hosting a speaking series titled "Minorities in Tech" in the Cambridge area, seeking Next Gen speakers to talk about VC, youth in technology, and more.  Learn more about the various talk dates and how to nominate yourself here. 

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About The Venture Cafe:

The Venture Café Foundation’s mission is to connect innovators to make things happen. The Foundation’s core services include networking/connection, resources to aid learning, encourage knowledge sharing within the community, and helping people launch successful companies. The Venture Café Foundation’s Café Nights at the Cambridge Innovation is the premier weekly networking event in the Boston area.

The current topic of Café Nights is Minorities in Tech, which is a 4-event series focused on growing inclusive Entrepreneurship so that all founders are and feel included. This year’s themes will include the following areas:

 - VC’s and funders

- Tech in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean

- Youth in Tech (under 25 but flexible)

- A Demo Day

Speaking Opportunity:

The Venture Café is looking for speakers who can inspire, challenge, inform, and share knowledge with their community on the topics of VC, youth in technology, and more at these events.

Dates of Café Nights:

- November 21, 2019


Connect with Next Gen POC David France for more info.

Alex Gordon