[EXPIRED] Day One Collaborator @ Sabbatical Ventures

Sabbatical Ventures, an innovative, traveling idea generator, is seeking interested participants to form a small team to conduct on-the-ground qualitative research, in all 50 states, seeking investable insights and actionable ideas. Learn more about the opportunity and how to apply below!


About Sabbatical Ventures:

Sabbatical Ventures is a traveling think tank, investor, and innovator. SV is looking to travel to all fifty states on a listening tour in search of one great, investable idea that it will help fund and build. 

The Opportunity:

Sabbatical Ventures (“SV”), an innovative idea generator, seeks to form a small team to conduct on-the-ground qualitative research, in all 50 states, seeking investable insights and actionable ideas.  Our primary research will look beyond computers, powerpoints and institutional research.  We will listen to -and learn from- individuals and groups whose voices are not heard loudly enough when it comes to sourcing innovative ideas: women, students, veterans. We believe that this cross-country listening tour is a unique way to identify innovative concepts. 

Our objective is to select several quality ideas that warrant private funding and human capital, both of which we would provide through our balance sheet and expanded network. If are lucky, we will help grow a universally appealing idea into a highly profitable venture.

We will follow a roadmap while also expecting detours to occur at any time - a concept we fully embrace. While our venture will evolve organically, it will not be unstructured. There will be four months of prep work (commencing ~ Sept 1, 2019) and one year of field data collection (commencing ~ Feb 1, 2020). We will share what we are doing by way of some -or all- of the following: video documentation, a social media campaign, vlogs, blogs, and a podcast.

This is an adventure; it is also an extraordinary opportunity.  At Sabbatical Ventures we believe that conversations can yield ideas that will change the world.


SV is seeking individuals who are: entrepreneurial; creative; collaborative; intelligent; interesting and interested; organized; curious; resourceful and optimistic. 

Person A possesses a modicum of business experience and an MBA.  Person B has strong writing skills, experience in brand building, technological proficiency and social media savvy.  For both of you a love of people, photography and food is required.  You are each confident enough to give constructive criticism and thick-skinned enough accept it.  And, obviously, you need to be able to be on the road for most of a full year. 

Deadline to Apply: May 31, 2019

Location: On the road for 52 weeks

Compensation: Full-time, Equity, Contract Pay 

Industry: Investing and Media 

How to Apply: Submit resumes to mitch@sabbaticalventures.com with a brief cover introduction about why you’re throwing your name into the hopper. Tell Mitchell that Next Gen sent you!

Alex Gordon