Entrepreneur in Training @ Quentin Road Ventures Management

Quentin Road Ventures manages a wide range of investments spanning public market securities, real estate, lending, alternative investments and seed stage start-up financing. They are currently seeking an operations associate to support their staff and learn from an experienced entrepreneur. Find out how to apply here.

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About Quentin Road Ventures Management:

Quentin Road Ventures is a family office private investment vehicle and company builder. QRV manages a wide range of investments spanning public market securities, real estate, lending, alternative investments and seed stage start-up financing.  We also provide operational and strategic assistance to a diverse range of startup businesses. We specialize in identifying profit potential across varied industries, developing new business ideas and incubating new companies to take advantage of these opportunities. QRV also provides consulting and mentoring services to startups and established businesses.

Current investments or working in industries of: 

  • Lending: Real Estate, Medical Receivables, Cannabis Extraction Equipment, Hemp Cultivation

  • Real Estate: Commercial, Residential, Opportunity Zones

  • Angel Investing: Sex Toy eCommerce, Sunscreen Booths, Bamboo Linens, Hijab Modesty Fashion, Music Licensing Software

  • Turnaround Projects: Organic Skincare and Beauty Company, Shipping and Fulfilment Company

  • Internal Projects / Startups: Female Founder Focused Startup Incubator, Startup Incubator Management Software, AI Based Entrepreneur/Investor Matching, Transforming Early Childhood STEM Education, AI Based Alzheimer’s Care

The Opportunity:

An entrepreneur with a several exit experiences is seeking an operations associate to manage a single family office. This involves managing a Diverse Asset Portfolio and various Operating Company and Entrepreneurial Projects. You would be working with the owner on a day-to-day basis and learning directly from him. Areas of ownership include:

  • Evaluating, making and managing investments ranging from public securities and real estate to startups and emerging industries. (Our startup work has a strong concentration on purpose driven, diverse, and female founded companies.)

  • Helping build, run, fix and grow portfolio companies.

  • Exploring, developing and testing cool new ideas and business opportunities and building new businesses that make an impact.

  • M&A transactions (aka buying and selling businesses).

The company is extremely exacting and expect excellence from the people it works with. The staff loves to teach and is a small tight knit group so there are no “politics,” priding themselves on building strong personal relationships amongst our staff. They value honesty, integrity and loyalty above all else and expect you to speak your mind, challenge us and be ready to back up your arguments. 

Ideal Candidate:

The right individual can learn on the job and given the diverse nature of the work involved, they will have to. Though some experience in or exposure to the world of startups, finance or investing would be beneficial to help you hit the ground running, it is not absolutely necessary. Below are some thoughts on what we think would help a candidate be successful in this position. 

This is a perfect job for someone: 

  • smart, driven, hardworking and committed

  • comfortable being pushed beyond their comfort zone

  • who wants to learn

  • interested in the world of business, finance, startups and investing

  • who doesn’t want to be doing the same thing every day at a large corporation


  • Highly Organized

  • Analytical Mindset

  • Reliable (shit does not slip through the cracks. Things that need to get done, get done and done on time. Nothing is ever forgotten, lost or neglected.)

  • Extreme Attention to Detail

  • Tech Savvy (you should be able to master a new tool such as Zapier or QuickBooks Online or setup hosting for a new website with ease)

  • Quick Learner (Excited to learn from others and on ones own independently as the need arises)

  • Research Skills (The internet! You like cold calling people and asking questions.)
    Ability to innovate, improvise and come up with creative solutions to problems.

  • Good with numbers (whatever that means)

  • Motivated, Independent, Self-Starter

  • Ability to speak one’s mind

  • People skills (Confident, good at coordinating, good at dealing with difficult people.)

Compensation: $50K to $75K (commensurate with experience)


Please submit an application here.

Instead of submitting a cover letter, please submit a writing sample (preferably but not necessarily on a business topic). You can submit anything from an article or report to a letter you wrote.  

Finally, create a profile on SquarePeg, if you do not already have one, and complete the two assessments.

Alex Gordon