Women in Tech Study @ Parsons School of Design / by Haley Smith

Lucelia Nelles and Taara Mehta, both Strategic Design and Management students of Parson School of Design, are spending their semester researching a topic that undeniably affects us all - Why aren’t there more female leaders in tech?

The lack of equal representation is leading to future designed by only one perspective. According to Fortune, in 2017 venture capitalists invested $1.46 billion in women-led companies as opposed to $58.2 billion in investments towards male-led companies. Lucelia and Taara’s goal is to understand what is hindering more young women from entering the tech industry, and what resources do they need in order to change this dynamic.  

Next Gen-er Lucelia Nelles at Parson School of Design is researching representation of female leaders in technology, and looking to speak with tech leaders interested in expanding female representation. Learn more about their research (including a #BuiltByGirls partnership) and how to participate here. 

Lucelia and Taara have been working closely with #BuiltByGirls, a company centered around young women interested in tech. They collaborated in designing and facilitating a workshop with 20 female participants from around New York City. The workshop, while successful, gave insights on what these young women need in order to confidently pursue careers in tech. This was the initial part of their research. As of now, Lucelia and Taara are interested in speaking with current tech leaders on how we can all work together to give women the representation they deserve.


Lucelia Nelles