[EXPIRED] Algorithmic Trader/Quant Developer @ Mutual Coin Fund

Mutual Coin Fund is an early stage proprietary cryptocurrency trading firm focusing primarily on portfolio development, alpha generation and new trading strategies.

We’re currently looking for a new algorithmic developer with experience in helping optimize and back testing trading strategies.

Duties include:

- Backtest and design/brainstorm different trading strategies 
- Researching and designing high-frequency market making and stat arb trading strategies using statistical analysis and machine learning techniques 
- Establishing connectivity to crypto exchanges and assist with data pipelining 
- Directly supporting the portfolio manager to assist with alpha generation, risk management, and optimization 
- Keeping up to date with the latest trends and staying knowledgeable in the cryptocurrency space 
- Identify trends and find entry and exit points for portfolio positions based on technical analysis. 
- Derivatives trading 
- Knowledge and passion for blockchain/crypto and data preferred

An ideal candidate would also have experience in back end trading system development and assist in it's construction.

We are developing a robust trading system capable of trading on many exchanges. Depending on the success rate of certain strategies, we may allow $500k+ to be traded. Objective is to run a diverse set of portfolios utilizing both passive and active re-balancing mechanisms.


- Exchange/Market REST API - Flask/MongoDB/Heroku 
- Quantitative Strategy Development - C/C++/Java/Python [Zorro/Zipline/Numpy/Pandas/Scipy] etc 
- Asset Management Applications - Flask/Django/JavaScript 
- Project management - Slack/Github/Trello 
- Computing - AWS/DigitalOcean


- Bachelor's degree in Economics, Finance, Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics or other relevant discipline. 
- 2-5 years of relevant experience in a quantitative finance area. 
- Experience with crypto derivative platforms (Bitmex, Bitfinex, etc.) 
- Experience and understanding of technical analysis 
- Understanding of Cryptocurrency principles and concepts. 
- Experience modeling cryptocurrency metrics 
- Quantitative research background: mathematics, statistics, engineering and/or computer science and the ability to use data to back up positions. 
- Use of charting tools such as TradingView

Industry: Fintech/Hedge Fund/Crypto

This position is open to the possibility of a partner role in the firm based on performance.

How to Apply: https://angel.co/l/2d5e3M

To arrange a meeting please send a short intro and CV to: admin@mutualcoin.fund or through AngelList.

Please include your timezone / availability.

Deadline to Apply: 11/30/2018

Compensation: $70-125k (incl. performance bonuses/revenue sharing)

Location: LA, Miami, Chicago, NYC, SF, Remote

Remote OK?: Yes

Industry: Finance

Haley Smith