[EXPIRED] Kickstart 2019 @ Next Gen's Pilot Mastermind

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What’s that thing you’ve always wanted to start, but never had the time?

That blog. That podcast. That side hustle.

We’re oriented in the belief that we take more action on our goals if we’re held accountable and have a community to support us, and we’re proclaiming 2019 as the year of momentum.

Introducing Next Gen’s pilot Momentum Mastermind: $99, six people, five weeks. In one-hour-per-week video call sessions, you’ll deep dive on your goal and receive support, introductions, advice, and next steps from the other Mastermind participants. You’ll learn from guest speakers, be held accountable to your goals by accountability tracking, and engage in digital programming across the five week period.

This is a one time offer, and you have until December 31st to sign up. The first six to opt in will be the only six. Will you invest in your 2019 vision?

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Haley Smith