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Over the past 31 years, MAC Group has grown from a prestigious boutique marketing, sales and distribution company focusing on professional photographers to a global entity with offices in the US, Europe, Canada and China and has expanded their focus to cover photography, filmmaking, content creation and audio for an ever-expanding range of passionate amateurs through to working pros and educational institutions. MAC Group’s mission is to content creators at every level with the world’s finest tools, education and inspiration.


We're hiring a team of college students to represent the MAC Group on campus! Ambassadors will create social content, run events on campus, and educate the student body about the unique benefits of our EDU program which provides film and photography students with the equipment needed for their curriculum at discounted rates! 

· Ambassadors will earn $10 per hour for their work. 
· Flexible hours! You can work whenever is convenient for your schedule (about 5 hours per week).
· Discounts on all MAC Group brands.
· Networking opportunities with key marketing executives for potential future employment. 
· Extremely valuable marketing and sales experience with a company that has become an industry leader over the last 31 years.

How to Apply:

Deadline to Apply / Submit: 10/31/2018

Compensation: $10/hour

Location: Remote

Link to website:


Haley Smith