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K&J Growth, a growth marketing agency led by Next Gen-ers Jonathan Maxim and Kale Panoho, is expanding its team and hiring a Director of Client Services to work on specified client marketing campaigns. Learn more about the full-time position and how to apply here.

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About K&J Growth:

Two practiced growth experts unite in February of 2016 to found one of only a select few growth specialist agencies today.Bringing a colorful background of writing for top publications like Forbes, and nitty-gritty digital marketing at a Fortune 500, as well as expertise in social media, virality, app development, press coverage & amazing personal networks. Since founding, K&J has serviced 200+ clients, including some of the largest tech companies and universities as well as the VC-backed startups – all united by the pursuit of amazing results. K&J is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and Dunedin, New Zealand and is comprised of 20 boutique specialists.

Here a few of the cool things we've done & why you might want to work with us:

  • We're good at what we do. We're working with the world's most valuable startup ByteDance and their flagship social media company TikTok. We generated over 100,000 new downloads across the globe in the space of 60 days. We've helped numerous other companies do similar things.

  • You can work from home. If you've got a laptop you can work from anywhere for us and the hours are flexible.

  • We practice what we preach. We created the most commented video on LinkedIn with over 2 M+ views, opened a gym on a shoestring budget of $200 and signed up 200 + people, we've had 10 M+ views on copy published by the team at K&J and we've been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes and many others. We'll teach you how to get your hands dirty like we have and help you build your own business too.

  • We pay people to learn. Each week you'll have two paid hours dedicated to learning whatever you like.

  • The team is solid. We’ve got a student’s completing PhD’s and web developers through to professional dilettantes and personal trainers you’ve got a wide range of skills at your disposal to learn from and connect with.

The Opportunity:

K&J Growth is hiring. We're looking for a project and client services coordinator for 40 hours a week to work with companies across New Zealand, US and abroad.In your role, you will:

  • Head up our client services team working with 8 different members of the team to coordinate and execute on specified client marketing campaigns

  • Manage inbound client messages and handle information transfer between all relevant stakeholders

  • You’ll have your hand in directing and leading multiple marketing campaigns for an array of clients ranging from viral PR strategy through to the nitty-gritty of custom audience intersections in paid media

  • You’ll develop systems to evaluate and improve workflows from when a client knocks on the door through to the full delivery of the campaign

Location: Los Angeles; Remote ok

Compensation: Full-time


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Alex Gordon