[EXPIRED] Country Manager @ KINTSU

KINTSU, a startup intersecting technology and wellbeing, is looking to expand its team with the addition of a Country Manager. Find out more about the position below!



KINTSU is a global platform for integral well-being - body/mind/emotions – that links victims of abuse, violence, and trauma with professionals of traditional and complementary therapies, in both face-to-face and online settings, to help victims overcome the pain from yesterday. What makes KINTSU unique is the fact that we are the only site that gathers more than 80 traditional and complementary therapies, professionals and disciplines, whom are dedicated to personal improvement. The consultants are encouraged and guided from the moment they become involved with KINTSU. The methodology is fully aligned with the WHO (World Health Organization) 2014-2023 strategy that has set the focus on the integration of traditional and complementary medicines into national health systems and policies. Given its easy scalability, the platform will have a global reach and presence.

The Opportunity:

KINTSU is hiring for the Country Manager role who will report directly to the CEO and work to establish and manage various elements of the growing startup.


  • Set up start-up: establish legal entity, tax model, finance etc.

  • Develop and manage P&L to reach goals aligned with HQ, including bottom up budget process.

  • Conduct complete landscape assessments to finalize US market entry model, including competitive context, pricing model & strategy, state-by-state legal and regulatory requirements (eg licensing, insurance etc)

  • Build and lead local team, partnering with HQ HR throughout the recruitment process.

  • Develop partnership model to engage external professionals into the platform while establishing clear boundaries and way of working (eg contracting, referrals path, etc)

  • Lead the recruitment, engagement and onboarding of external professionals via live / interactive events.

  • Develop and deploy strategic partnerships with a broad set of health system players eg Health care & Health Insurance companies, Employee Benefit programs, etc.

  • Stakeholder management: build and strengthen strong relationships with the relevant local professional associations that represent expertise areas covered in the platform.

  • Develop and deploy 360 Marketing strategies to acquire and retain users within the platform, including a strong drive for digital & social media. Plan and execute media and content marketing strategies.

  • PR Plan: Develop launch strategy for both professional and DTC outreach. Build and maintain relationships with key influencers in the industry.

  • Establish a culture and systems of performance tracking and continuous improvements to accelerate learnings and implement adaptations.

  • Proactively share learnings and improvement plans via a collaborative approach with HQ team. Regular reporting (eg monthly / quarterly / annually) to HQ team.

Skills and Requirements:

  • We look for a proactive leader with a track record of integrity and success leading businesses.

  • Above-average communication skills (both to share and listen), collaboration, and delegation

  • Negotiation and mediation skills to resolve potential conflicts efficiently and favorably

  • Multitasker and critical thinker with strong analytical skills

  • Proven ability to develop and maintain financial plans

  • Ability to motivate and lead people, and to hold team members accountable

  • 10 Years business experience, including start-up leadership roles with responsibility over building teams, securing legal compliance, and P&L ownership.

  • Solid experience (~5 years) in leading marketing strategies, including social & digital.

  • Experience in building strategic partnerships with diverse stakeholders, both public and private.

  • Bachelor’s degree in business management or related fields.

Job Position: Full-time

Location: US


Resumes can be sent to Soledad Olmedo, and mention Next Gen in your application!

Alex Gordon