[EXPIRED] Get Featured @ The Just Get Started Podcast

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The Just Get Started Podcast is an eclectic mix of people trying to pursue new opportunities in life to become the most fulfilled they can be. 

The phrase Just Get Started can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people but the overarching premise is that you have one life to live so why not make the most of it. Forget the past, whatever happened has happened. Start focusing on the future and where you want to take your life. We all know that being happy is what we all strive for but instead of trying to achieve small moments of happiness why not focus on achieving lifelong fulfillment. Not only will you be a better person but your relationships and career will be positively impacted as well.

“I am always looking for new and interesting guests that have their own unique journey that they are willing to share with the audience and talk through the ups and downs, experiences, lessons, and insights that could help others get started and become motivated to succeed.”

How to Apply: If interested in potentially being a guest please email Brian at brianondrako@gmail.com. Let him know Next Gen sent you!

Deadline to Apply / Submit: 4/1/2019

Alex Gordon