Research & Marketing @ IP Incubator

Ivy Incubator is seeking a research and marketing manager to expand the company’s work in creating services for the changing marketplace, particularly within IP. Find out more about the intern or consulting position here!

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About Ivy Incubator:

Our core thesis is to make people's lives easier and more connected. At Ivy Incubator, we recognize we’re not in a static space. Every day, new technology emerges which changes the landscape for how people learn, communicate, and engage. We create services and products that look ahead of the changing marketplace, with an emphasis on the protection of intellectual property.

When we see the need for an innovation, we don't hold back. As a result, the range of our projects is wide. We work on both material goods as well as technology-based products including apps and other web based services. Patent applications that we have filed mirror this range.

At Ivy Incubator, we have strong belief in the importance of defending intellectual property. We are proud to have filed for 16 patent applications (and counting).

The Opportunity:

Ivy Incubator is seeking to expand its team with a new research and marketing manager position. The company is open to hiring either an intern or consultant to fill this role. The team member will write pitch decks, research competitive spaces for various projects, and work in many different roles for IP projects. The work will be very diverse and interesting and create opportunities for growth and knowledge for the team member.

Note: Candidate must agree to a NDA.

Deadline to Apply: 9/15/19

Compensation: Part-time, Full-time, Contract pay, Unpaid

Location: Prefer in-person in Arizona or Los Angeles. Will also entertain remote.

Industry: Intellectual property development.


EMAIL your resume and interest to Charlie Isgar and let him know that you found this opportunity through Next Gen!

Alex Gordon