Guest Host Needed @ IGTV Show

Miki Agrawal, founder of several acclaimed social enterprises, is inviting aspiring or early stage entrepreneurs or social entrepreneurs to appear on an IGTV show as a guest host and taking part in a unique experience. Learn more about the opportunity and how to apply below.


About Miki:

Miki has always loved questioning the status quo and society's approach to things. Is there a better, more efficient, more environmentally friendly, more design considered, more artful way to do them? Miki has always been fascinated with the process of discovery, invention and rapid improvements and her favorite saying is "iteration is perfection". She feels a great sense of pride in having built successful companies that have tackled taboos head on, are truly changing culture and improving the lives of millions of people around the world. She also learned a great deal of lessons in the process of building these businesses and she looks forward to sharing them as she goes.

The Opportunity:

Miki is inviting aspiring or early stage entrepreneurs or social entrepreneurs to come to her home, pick out a hat from her hat room to wear while they ask Miki questions about entrepreneurship and growing their businesses.

This is an amazing opportunity to network with an incredibly successful entrepreneur and learn from the journey she has undergone to start several companies and lead them towards growth. The IGTV guest host will ask insightful questions that delves into her narrative and shares wisdom with the highly engaged audience she has created through strong personal branding.

Location: Brooklyn


Submit this form here and let Miki know that Next Gen sent you!

Alex Gordon