Speakers Wanted @ Global Summit

Led by Next Gen-er Vedavyas Jampanaboyana, GIYLS is seeking experienced and engaged speakers to take the stage at its 2020 Global Innovation and Youth Leaders Summit in Liberia and inspire an audience of young change-makers. Learn more about the opportunity here!


About GIYLS:

The Global Innovation and Youth Leaders Summit is a nonprofit event and community that promotes social change by bringing together hundreds of students and adults from low to middle-income countries around the world and creating a difference. This event will promote entrepreneurship, education, cultural/ religious tolerance, anti-media falsehood, poverty eradication, innovative and sustainable ideas on economic stability, and more in low to middle-income countries.

 We do what we do best, initiate social change and innovation through creativity. To increase the opportunity for those in low to middle-income countries around the globe we need you to be a part of our community, and we know that once you are in, you will play a huge role.

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The Opportunity:

GIYLS is a free, all-inclusive summit in late December for those from low and middle-income countries to engage in discussions of collaboration, leadership, and inspiration. GIYLS is seeking influential speakers who are available to fly to Liberia from December 27 to 30 and take part in sharing their experiences with all attendees at the global innovation and youth leaders’ event. Accommodations and food will be provided by GIYLS for those speakers who can cover their own travel.

Location: Monrovia, Liberia

Date: December 27-30

Compensation: Accommodations and food


SUBMIT THIS APPLICATION and tell them Next Gen sent you!

Next Gen POC: Vedavyas Jampanaboyana

Alex Gordon