[EXPIRED] Freelance Writer @ Girls in the City

Girls in the City is a weekly new crews at local trendy spots, based off your preferences. They're looking to get freelance writers on their blog pertaining to women's topics!

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Problem: Women are social creatures. Once you're an adult, it's not easy to make friends naturally and not awkwardly. 

Solution: Enter Girls in the City, a chic and data-driven platform for women to vibe with new friends at local trendy spots. Our vision is to use data science and the latest neuro-studies to create a powerful recommendation system for our users to be grouped into hangouts with women that are predicted to vibe with the most. All under the vibe of "chic". Through Girls in the City, every woman will know true friendship, and what it means to "vibe" with someone who just gets you. Someone on your wavelength. #GirlsintheCity

How to Apply: Email us with your resume! clarissa.murra@gmail.com

Deadline to Apply: 2/1/2019

Compensation: We're bootstrapped looking for seed funding so can only offer wide-spread exposure to our members and experience.

Location: Remote

Haley Smith