FT Political Position @ Long Island, NY

Legislator Josh Lafazan, an independent lawmaker in New York, is hiring a Full Time Director of Constituent Services to serve as a community liaison, spearhead special projects and work on legislation. Learn more about the position and how to apply below. 


The Opportunity:

Legislator Josh Lafazan is seeking a full-time Director of Constituent Services who will take part in a number of various roles, including:

Constituent Casework

  • This role centers around interfacing with constituents in the 18th Legislative District. Our office receives scores of calls and emails daily from residents in our community, and often times these individuals will have a problem that they are asking our office to solve. An example is if a veteran in our district cannot access their records in the clerk's office, and thus cannot receive benefits they are entitled to. Often times, residents will call with an opinion about an issue facing the county, or will email about an idea for a new law. You therefore must be educated on what is happening in the county and the country, and be able to speak knowledgeably on current events.

Special Projects

  • There are a ton of special projects that this role may require. For example, the current staff member in this role helped create the Student Advisory Council, where 19 high school students from across the district come together quarterly to talk about issues facing young people. The current staff member oversees this program, develops itineraries for the meetings, corresponds with school administrators to gain new applicants, and supervises the actual meetings of the students. Another example is hosting community events. Our office hosts town halls, NARCAN trainings, CPR Trainings, and more. The current staff member in this role helps coordinate the logistics of these events, from booking venues, to confirming speakers, to advertising the event.

Community Liaison

  • I expect the person in this role to be comfortable attending meetings with stakeholders in the community, and to educate themselves on the issues at hand. For example, the current staff member in this role represents our office at the meetings of the Environmental Protection Committee. This committee is compromised of mayors, elected officials, civic leaders, and environmentalists throughout our district, and in this capacity, the current staff member in this role fully participates in these meetings, and voices the opinions and interests of our office.

Location: Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building (1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola, NY, 11501)

Transportation: Can commute from NYC Penn Station on the LIRR to Mineola (1 minute walk)

Benefits: Health Care + NYS Pension System Enrollment

Compensation: Full-Time


Review the specs of the job above, and send your resume to JoshLafazan@gmail.com. Tell them Next Gen sent you!

Alex Gordon