[EXPIRE] Community Manager @ Crypto Community

NGS2017 Speaker and founder of Fanduel Nigel Eccles is hiring a part-time, remote community manager to operate social media and moderate a growing crypto group at Flick, his new startup. Learn more about the role and how to get in touch here. 



A New App creating positive, supportive communities and groups is looking for several freelance community managers to help admin some of our first groups.

Freelance & flexible, working from home (or anywhere with wifi! ) paid at £10/h

Start-date: almost immediately

Who we’re looking for:

You’re a positive person, who genuinely cares, wants to bring people together and put good into the world

Previous experience running a community or social media account is strongly desired

But ….if you have experience as a very active member of an existing online community, and you can talk about it at interview - then that might work

You should have a genuine interest and relevant life experience in one or more of the following areas:


Body positivity


Infertility / Endometriosis / IVF


Women supporting women - General

Stress & anxiety support

Chronic pain / illness

Songwriters & musicians

TEFL Teachers abroad

Nannies network

Exam stress

Budget living help & advice

Rising up - politics and social movements

Admins responsibilities

  • Drafting community rules (in line with our rules)

  • Making sure community is run according to them

  • Creating & managing own bank of memes, gifs etc to resonate with group

  • Sourcing inspirational content from other platforms (reposting)

  • Writing some original content

  • Recruiting members from existing communities

  • Helping us to pitch our app and your community - in terms of ad & app store copy / visuals

  • Advising re. Advertising demographic for your group

  • Welcome new members

  • Engaging the group on a daily basis

  • Blocking trolls & bad behaviour

  • Keeping log of feedback about app - what can we improve / what features are missing / is anything broken?

  • Keeping log of feedback about group - are people staying around? Leaving? What is going wrong?

  • Helping gather feedback from members of group about what the app / community needs

  • Becoming a passionate advocate for our App!

What you get:

Payment: £10/ hour - freelance, paid at the end of each month


We’re flexible. If you seem like the right person for the job we can figure it out together based on the number of hours that works best for you & what we feel is needed to run the community well.

The company:

This is an exciting company, from founders who already have an exceptionally successful start-up under their belt (their previous company grew to be one of the UK’s most successful start-ups).

If you think you might be a good fit, please click 'apply' & fill in your details. We look forward to hearing from you & we'll get back to you quickly.


NG POC: Nigel@flickapp.com

Alex Gordon