Leadership Position @ Fashion Startup

An application aimed at helping shoppers choose products wisely in store, Fashion Buddy is seeking a Customer Success Manager and Lead to help grow the company. Find out more about the opportunity to take on a leadership position below.

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About Fashion Buddy:

Fashion Buddy is an app designed to help when you don’t know what to wear or what to buy when you’re shopping, we partner with retailers to enhance the shopping experience and increase sales.

The Opportunity:

Are you passionate about customer success in a retail environment? We are looking for an ambitious and hardworking team member who is exceptional at thinking strategically and creatively. You will have the opportunity to learn to develop engaging campaigns and work with the CEO and marketing consultants. You will learn to develop event recaps to use insights to inform future initiatives.

As the retail experience lead, you will be managing store relations and the end to end customer experience. This will also include researching prospect sales profiles, sales development & engagement, business communications (ie. writing proposals, responding to professional personnel, participate in sales meetings, assist in KPI communications). The Customer Success Manager is responsible for developing and nurturing customer relationships that will drive retention of partnership subscriptions. The Customer Success Manager will partner with the CEO to grow the account through improved user and product adoption. The focus will be on driving new business opportunities. This role will require an individual capable of working in collaboration with other Fashion Buddy teams to ensure a successful relationship is maintained with the customer.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Experience developing partnerships

  • Gain public speaking skills

  • Recommendation for co-op or jobs

  • Network opportunities

  • Resume review and development

  • Learn an entrepreneurial mindset


  • Exhibit professional conduct consistent with the brand

  • Participate in weekly team meetings

  • Assist with the planning and implementation of campaigns

  • Market research, sales, advertising

  • Account manager collaboration: work with the account manager to develop an account retention strategy and be responsible for carrying out retention activities

  • Review and analyze product usage statistics regularly and identify any concerning usage trends.

  • Develop an action plan to address this with the account manager

  • Driving usage and customer engagement: ensure effective onboarding plans are in place for new subscriptions

  • Work to support trials and proof of concepts as needed. (eg mid-trial check-in)

  • Account Maintenance: provide renewal support – checking, updating, providing instruction for Sales Operations, ensuring we can give the correct information to generate an accurate progress report

  • Follow up with retailers


  • Open Mind / Desire to Learn: as this is an early stage venture, and we will have to be constantly willing to receive changes, evaluate them, and adapt as necessary is important.

  • Understanding of the Importance of Customer Feedback / Business Development: understand that the platform should provide the users with the best experience possible and that the easiest solution from a technical standpoint may not provide the best User Experience.

  • Organization / Initiative: be willing to look for the most efficient way to solve a problem, especially when there are tools that exist to aid in that process.

  • Interest In New Technology: you should have an interest in emerging technology and to understand how our tech can be impacted by it.

Compensation: Equity

Location: Philadelphia. Remote ok.


EMAIL fashionbuddyapp@gmail.com to find out more!

Next Gen POC: Lindsey Smith

Alex Gordon