[EXPIRED] Free Entry @ Online Pitch Competition

CreateStartupsHere is seeking startups looking to access European investors and the fundraising market for their upcoming online pitch competition. Next Gen-ers can apply to receive free entry into CreateStartupsHere's pitch competition. Continue reading to find out more!

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About CreateStartupsHere:

As an entrepreneur, you have to be “resourceful”. This counts for the ones that are starting their entrepreneurial journey and the veterans who have been in businesses for years. CreateStartupsHere is looking to help innovative entrepreneurs in the web and mobile industry, to bring their business to life as efficiently as possible.

They offer many services to help build and expand your business, including:

  • Idea Validation

  • MVP Validation

  • Adoption and Growth

  • Design and Tech Development

  • Pitch competition

The Opportunity:

CreateStartupsHere is setting up a virtual online pitch competition to offer opportunities to visionary tech entrepreneurs. The primary objective is to offer tech startups the opportunity to pitch in front of a global audience. This pitch competition will look to add value to you as an applicant, whether you make it to become one of the finalists or not. Through the pitch competition, Create Startups would like to focus on offering your startup the following three pillars:

  • Guidance

  • Expertise and Mentorship

  • Exposure

Finalists will be selected for the competition based on popularity votes from the audience (open util July 30), scalability of the startup, profitability and revenue options. Those who are not selected will still receive resources to build their companies.

Select Next Gen members will receive free entry into CreateStartupsHere's pitch competition (€400 value). Those Next Gen-ers not chosen for free entry will receive discounts in order to make the opportunity accessible.

Deadline to Apply: July 7, 11:59 PM EST


The submission form has now closed! Thank you for your nominations.

Alex Gordon