Julia Wexler on Coaching

“Remember who you are! The innate talents and skills you possess are just the building blocks of your eventual success.”

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Tell us about your current work:

I am a Columbia University Certified Advanced Coach trained to quickly navigate professionals through the hurdles that may be hamstringing them from truly launching professionally. Trained as a Wall Street Executive Search Recruiter, I gained invaluable knowledge about the strengths/weaknesses responsible for separating leaders from those with great ideas who fail to launch. Trained to analyze/assess through academic training in Psychology/Organizational Leadership I bring an insider's perspective to helping business owners uncover their professional identity: the work they were meant to be doing. Currently I am working with many companies: start ups to Fortune 500 and helping them to recruit and acquire next generation innovators.

The subject area Julia can best help entrepreneurs with is:

Talent Identification: Strengths ID/Challenges and how to overcome blindspots

The best piece of professional advice Julia can give is:

Remember who you are! The innate talents and skills you possess are just the building blocks of your eventual success. Taking your business to the next level requires reflection on areas of weakness/blind spots that are normal to all leaders. Being blind to the blind spots is the undoing of all great leaders. Being open and honest about them is the key to differentiating. Feedback from everyone, all of the time, is how great leaders operate. Curiosity and honesty are key ingredients required in order to properly navigate and quickly adapt to the changing tides in the market. Connecting with people is no longer an option for leaders: it's a differentiator. Checking the ego, and opening yourself up to being humble, the one in the room who talks less and listens more, thereby creating affinity, credibility and quite simply: being an authentic professional who prioritizes integrity and innovation over competition and edge over others. Racing to beat the pack is great for sprinters; but the road to success means building a reputation for excellence, client service and a willingness to admit when your strategy needs to adapt. Tap others in your journey: gestalt: the whole is always greater than the sum of the separate parts.

Mentor Hype:

Julia has coached 300+ first generation students to land their first jobs with Fortune 500 and/or Start up companies, opened up 500+ employers to the idea of hiring students into their firms, and guided 100+ senior level professionals in their next career journey.

Words you live by: " You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" (Wayne Gretsky)
Morning routine: Running every single day (never take a day off)
Healthy Habit: Meditate for 10 mins everyday when I am most stressed

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