David Schnurman on Mindset

“Most things take much longer to accomplish than you anticipate. You should keep one eye focused on the long game while the other is blocking and tackling the short game.”

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Tell us about your current work:

I am the CEO of Lawline, former President of Entrepreneurs’ Organization NY, and author of The Fast Forward Mindset.

Lawline is the leading provider of online continuing legal education with over 130,000 attorneys completing 3,000,000 courses on its website and app. Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a worldwide network of 13,000+ entrepreneurs who each have a minimum of $1M in revenue. The Fast Forward Mindset is a repeatable framework so entrepreneurs can break out of their comfort zones and accelerate their personal and business growth.

The subject area David can best help entrepreneurs with is:

Mindset, Leadership, Scaling a Team + Revenue, Outsourcing & VA Work, Operations.

The best piece of professional advice David can give is:

Entrepreneurs tend to overestimate what they can get done in 1 year and underestimate what they can accomplish in 10. Most things take much longer than you anticipate to accomplish, therefore you should always keep one eye focused on the long game while the other is blocking and tackling the short game. I recommend entrepreneurs journal regularly as this allows for constant understanding where you have been, what you are doing today, and what you’re working towards.

Mentor Hype:

I recently did my first TEDxYouth talk on how to fast forward your success and happiness as a student and entrepreneur. I shared some vulnerable stories of being called an “Oaf” in high school and failures I had as an entrepreneur.. Most importantly, I give guidance how I overcame those challenges and how anyone can too in similar shoes.

Watch my TEDx here.

A book that changed your perspective: How to Stop Worry & Start Living by Dale Carnegie
Words you live by: Good Thing, Bad Thing, Who Knows.
Healthy habit: I only eat fruit till noon. It gives me so much more energy.

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