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Investing in NGS: A Guide

Hooray! You’ve been accepted to Next Gen Summit 2019. We are counting down the days until the magical weekend in June that has changed the lives of so many entrepreneurs.  Because of the connections, collaborations, and opportunities present at every touchpoint of our Summit, attendees consistently tell us that their ticket investment has provided returns far past their imagination.

Knowing that we’ll hold your spot for 45 days after your acceptance, here are a few ways to afford a Next Gen Summit ticket over the next few months.

1. Take advantage of the gig and job opportunities in the community.

We update our Opportunities Board multiple times a week with diverse opportunities that come through our pipeline. Remote gigs, full-time jobs, competitions to win money for your venture, speaking gigs - they’re all there! Keep an eye on this board to look for ways to bring in some extra cash. Want the skinny on the best of the best opportunities? Our Weekly Roundup delivers the top 3 opportunities to your inbox every Monday evening.

In addition to our own Opportunities Board, there are many ways to find freelance gigs online. Offer your services on places like Upwork or Fiverr. Stay up to date on other’s needs by joining this open Facebook group, called ‘Dreamers & Doers: Jobs and Gigs.” If you’re a student, ask Student Services or your peers about a job board - there may be people based in your city who are looking for a babysitter, tutoring, or yard work. The app ‘Next Door’ connects you with your neighbors, who may be looking to hire someone to shovel their driveway or help them move.

2.  Employed? Ask your boss to cover the ticket.

Many workplaces already have budgets in place to contribute to their employees’ personal development and growth. Whether these sponsorship opportunities exist or not, there are still ways to ask your boss for financial assistance in covering the ticket.

Here are reasons to give your boss on why they should pay for your NGS2019 ticket:

Connecting with fellow entrepreneurs that last a Lifetime.

The entrepreneurs who attend our Summit leave energized because they experience the importance of building the relationships needed to turn their ideas into action. If you learn one thing from your Summit experience, it’ this: you cannot succeed alone and connecting with others who are living your experience is priceless.

This year will find 1000+ entrepreneurs who have the same hustle and work ethic as yourself. Imagine the doors that will open as a result. The relationships you’ll cultivate will drive success quicker (and form friendships that no doubt will last a lifetime). For example, last year’s Summit brought together two individuals who now host a successful podcast together. Business executives know that networking with individuals across multiple industries glean knowledge and insights that accelerate company performance.

Professionalization (with an Innovative Twist)

Not only will you learn from entrepreneurial thought leaders, you’ll be able to network with them. NGS2019 will infuse every hour with business insight to add professionalization and unique experience to your background. Pitch to your leader that the lessons you learn in the span of 3 days will change how you work and can contribute to the company that you work for, especially innovative approaches to the work you already do.

The sheer amount of applicable knowledge you’ll glean from the Summit will be relevant for your work at your company. For example: Last year, there was a panel on the power of branding and tips for branding products, followed shortly after by a panel on press and how to gain publicity for your business. Both panels included industry leaders, such as the former GoDaddy VP of Branding, Carole Irgang, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Jason Feifer. Tell your boss you’ll bring back notes on what you’re learning and how you can apply the insider knowledge to your role.

Business Development

Additionally, let your boss know that you’ll be networking with business professionals from top companies including GoDaddy, Bain Ventures, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and more. These opportunities to network are invaluable if you work for a company that is keen on partnerships and business development with companies of this stature.

3. A student? Ask your school’s entrepreneurial program if they have the budget to cover your ticket.

Many school programs have a budget allocated to funding tickets or travel to entrepreneurial events such as NGS. We are sure that one of your school’s top priorities is to encourage extracurricular activities outside the classroom. NGS is the perfect experience that complements classroom learning. Send an email to the leader of your school’s entrepreneurship department asking if a budget exists. Another option to consider is applying for a grant. The easiest thing you can do is ask if these opportunities exist.

4. Create a weekly budget.

A helpful financial tip when saving up for something big is to break it down by weekly savings. Taking $249 out of the bank account all at once seems massive, but since you have time to save, break it down by the week. For example: If you begin saving the week of March 15th, you’ll have seven weeks to save up. This comes down to about $36 a week, which is much easier to swallow. Set the money aside physically so you know that money is off limits, and remind yourself how much you’ll gain from the experience to network with other movers and shakers and learn from the industry’s best.

We are excited about the sheer amount of momentum you will jumpstart by investing in yourself! We would love to have you at the Summit, and are here to help you brainstorm other opportunities.

To a Year of Momentum,

The Next Gen Team