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Welcome to the Next Gen Summit Community! We are beyond excited to have you.

We are a community of thousands of young entrepreneurs, movers, and shakers that is growing by the day. We aim to unite and empower founders, and our community has made this possible. Together, we form a tribe that’s inspired and connected. We are devoted to helping one another be the best we can be while pursuing our ideas and dreams. We operate on the principle that all of us need help to bring our goals to life or jumpstart our careers - and a community that supports each other thrives together.

Started by Justin Lafazan and Dylan Gambardella in 2015, the Next Gen Community first came together at the Next Gen Summit in Austin, Texas. From there, members were hooked; the community became so much more than just a Facebook group - Next Gen was a home, a place to ask questions, offer opportunities, find inspiration, and form meaningful connections. It’s a place where you can meet a new best friend, co-founder, mentor, or even your significant other (it’s happened!). We work hard to provide endless resources to each of our members, but we know our best resources are the knowledge and experiences that each contributes.

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We are committed to giving young entrepreneurs all the tools they need to succeed. One of our greatest tools is our Online Community, which you can find today on Facebook. Submit a post anytime, and our Director of Community, Haley, moderates posts daily to ensure each aligns with our Community Guidelines. Your post will either be approved, or you’ll receive a message about rewording/changing to comply with our guidelines (copied below). NOTE: Next Gen will never mandate members alter the messaging of posts - any revisions and subsequent re-postings are fully at the member’s discretion.

We encourage you to read through others’ posts and engage. Comments with recommendations, tips, or advice go a long way. Members get the most out of the community when they go the extra mile; messaging someone when they post about a relevant or interesting topic is a surefire way to establish a new connection. You’ll quickly learn that when you post, people care! Reciprocate the love and effort and your tribe will grow.

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Note: This also extends to affiliate opportunities, which aren’t permitted.

Note: This also extends to affiliate opportunities, which aren’t permitted.

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If your post fails to comply with these guidelines, Haley will message you to reword the post, or explain why it cannot be posted at all. To avoid this, we appreciate your attention to the details!

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We value vulnerability and support in our community - these pillars are what make our community what it is. If a comment or interaction infringes upon the respect necessary to support our community and members, we’ll politely ask you to remove your post and explain your intent. From there, circumstances will influence next steps. Disrespect of any kind will never be tolerated allowed.

If your actions are reported to us from another member we will discuss the situation with you. We need to support each other wholeheartedly to keep our community thriving, and any member who continues to be disrespectful after such discussion will be suspended or expelled from the group.

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You have the capacity to add others to the community’s applicant pool. If you have a friend or colleague who matches the bill of what we’re looking for, add them! Facebook will automatically send them an application. Really - anyone who is doing something cool, including starting their own business, we want to meet and support them. They’re more than welcome. Tell them about what we do and how our community can support their ambitions.

Remind individuals to answer the questions that you answered upon requesting to join, and to be as detailed as possible. These answers are critical to onboarding new members, connecting them with others in their respective industries, and sending relevant opportunities their ways. If they do not answer the questions, we will ask them to re-apply.

As our waitlist has consistently exceeded thousands of potential members over the past year, it may take some time to have a new member admitted. Our community team works hard to onboard as many new members as possible, while making sure to not dilute the application process and the value provided during integration.

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We love meeting as many members as possible, and want to be a resource to you. We encourage you to reach out to us directly via our emails:,, and


*These resources are available under our 'Resources' tab.