Next Gen Community Gift Exchange Opt-In

cge2018 (1).png

Welcome to the first-ever Next Gen Community Gift Exchange! Following the ‘White Elephant’ or ‘Secret Santa’ game style, you’ll be given a fellow member to send a gift to - but, you won’t be a secret giver. Instead, you’ll get to connect with and introduce yourself to both your recipient and your giver, and meet up in person or via video call in the new year if you’d like to!

Opt in at the form below to participate, and Haley will be in touch via email shortly with next steps.

Opting in means that you are agreeing to participate, and to make sure that it's fun for all participants, everyone needs to receive a gift. So, if you anticipate any challenges on purchasing a gift for $20 and/or sending it before December 31st, choose to opt in next year, instead.

Everyone who opts in will also receive a form to include information on who they are and what they like, so that the gifting process is as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Happy Holidays and New Year!

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