[PAST] The Thinkers Global Leadership Camp @ June 24, Poconos

The Thinkers Global's Leadership Camp four day adventure designed to navigate teens through the journey of what it means to be a leader and live a life of one. Throughout the course of the program, teens will take a step away from their phones and reconnect to themselves, one another, and nature through various activities. Find out more and how to apply below!



Join us this summer for the Thinkers Global's Leadership Camp for High School Girls! The camp will be a 4-day adventure in the Poconos, PA, full of workshops, yoga, meditation, hiking, and dancing followed by a two month virtual program. We will dive deeper into what it means to be a leader in one's life and in one's family, community, and beyond! Mentors will be women entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders from New York City and Philadelphia.

Event Location: Poconos, PA

Date of Event: 6/24/2019

Time of Event: 12:00 PM

Cost to Attend: $450

Which Next Gen member will be present?: Rina Patel, Founder and CEO of the Thinkers Global will be the lead facilitator and mentor

Who is perfect for this event?: Any girl in high school who is ready to step outside of her comfort zone, meet some other like-minded girls, and learn more about herself and the dreams she wishes to pursue!

Alex Gordon