[PAST] Successful Dropouts Meetup @ April 14, San Francisco

SF Successful Dropouts welcomes all but is focused primarily on those who have dropped-out of their high school or college education, or those looking to do so. Meetups revolve around the state of education, edtech, and the future of work / entrepreneurship. The upcoming meetup will be a space to discuss more personal matters regarding the tips and tricks of surviving "life without college".



Hello Dropouts! Welcome to our meetup here in beautiful sunny San Francisco ️

We'll be meeting in the center of 'startup-land', the original Sightglass Coffee. Plan on getting a drink and joining us for an hour or two of good conversations and networking with fellow and prospective dropouts. Space is limited to ensure everyone gets plenty of face-to-face time. Don't be afraid to swing by -- it'll be low stress, and low-key.

Date: Sunday, April 14

Time: 9:00 PM

Location: Sightglass Coffee (7th St), San Francisco

Cost to Attend: Free

Who is perfect for this event?: Fellow High School / College dropouts (or aspiring), and those interested in discussing education and entrepreneurship

Learn more and register here.

Next Gen POC: Braun Shedd, Organizer

Alex Gordon