[PAID] $ Entrepreneur Before 25 Mastermind, PNW Cascade Mountains, Washington / by Haley Smith

Entrepreneur Before 25 Mastermind

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Event Location: PNW Cascade Mountains near Seattle, Washington

Date of Event: September 28th-30th, 2018

What: On September 28-30, 2018, a curated group of like-minded and inspiring young entrepreneurs will be at a mastermind retreat at a lakeside lodge in the beautiful PNW Cascade Mountains.

The main goal of this retreat: To get inspired, empowered and RECHARGED towards your entrepreneurial dreams and goals.

There's a value-packed agenda mapped out for this weekend that’s full of powerful speaker sessions, relationship building time and let’s not forget some chill and relaxation time enjoying the beautiful scenery of the PNW landscape and lake.

The August early-bird all-inclusive price is $995. Buy tickets here: http://www.chelanngienger.com/eb25mastermind

Who is perfect for this event?: Young entrepreneurs craving authentic and deep community with other like-minded and inspiring individuals! 

Escape the normal to be inspired, empowered and recharged towards the next steps in your entrepreneurial dreams and goals!

POC: Chelann Gienger, chelann@entrepreneurbefore25.com