Virtual Founder's Shop @ April 1st, West Wave Ventures

Join this online session of the Founder's Shop, WestWave Ventures' online program geared towards avoiding common startup shortcomings, overcoming typical startup issues, and building the knowledge to create a successful business. All participants receive $500k+ in sponsorship packages and sponsor services. 

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Alex Gordon
SoGal Ventures Presents, 'What the Fund?!' @ NYC, 1/29/2019

With all of the hype around traditional VC, many founders are unaware of the many alternative forms of financing that may be available to early-stage underrepresented founders, or what types of business models are aligned for venture funding. The SoGal Foundation presents "What the Fund?!" which will help to bridge this education gap and provide insight into venture-backed startup business model, and a deep dive of how to run a crowdfunding for equity campaign.

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Haley Smith