Welcome to Next Gen's Chapter Manager Application.

Welcome! We’re thrilled you’re interested in applying to join the Next Gen family as a Chapter Manager, and are truly excited to meet and learn more about you. Thanks from all of us at Next Gen for taking the next step towards applying.

We are confident that serving as a Chapter Manager will be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll undertake along your entrepreneurial journey, but before you proceed further, we want to ensure you understand the commitment. As Chapter Manager, you’ll be responsible for growing your local city or campus entrepreneurial community, serving as the liaison between Next Gen and your region.

While the role won’t necessarily be demanding on an everyday basis, it will require significant time, energy, and hustle to be done well over the course of your one year term. You’ll be meeting with at least two members/non-members weekly, hosting regular office hours, putting on monthly networking sessions, planning bi-annual speaker events at scale, curating a guide of local resources, and creating written content monthly, among other roles. This is not a ‘check-the-box, slap the title on my LinkedIn’ commitment - we’re searching for select individuals who are hungry for a challenge, for leaders who have a desire to connect their world.

If this is you, please continue reading.

We mentioned this would require some thought, and that it wouldn’t be a ‘1, 2, 3’ type of deal. In the application, you’ll find a series of thought-provoking questions. Some are rather direct, others more open-ended. We’re asking you to record a video introducing yourself and responding to the prompts. That’s it - no crazy guidelines, time limits, or thousand word essays. Feel free to get creative (or not), but above all, just be yourself and speak truly. We want to understand who you are, and we can only accomplish that from hearing your honest thoughts.

Before you get to the video, there’s some demographic information we’ll need from you (not to worry, as your information will always remain confidential). When you scroll down, you’ll see the application, beginning with the basic information questions, followed by an area to share a link to your application video. Below this, you’ll find the video prompts we’d like you to answer. Please respond to at least two questions from the ‘Background and General Info.’ section, and at least one question from each additional section. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

When completed, please upload your video to YouTube (feel free to make the video unlisted if you’d like, but not private, as we won’t be able to view it). Your application video submission should be one, singular video, and not videos of individual responses. We recommend pressing pause between questions if you need a break, or combining multiple clips into one movie file. Once you have the uploaded link, copy and paste it into your application below. NOTE: If you have any questions about uploading an unlisted video to YouTube, check out this guide. Videos can be uploaded via a computer or phone, and don’t fret if quality isn’t the best.

We will be in touch before the end of October after reviewing all submitted applications. Certain individuals may be invited to participate in an additional interview, which will be scheduled based on your availability. Any and all interviews will take place via online video call.

Well, that’s all we’ve got. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at chaptermanagers@ngsummit.com. We wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to review your application. Thanks again for making Next Gen so special.

Video Prompts

Reminder: Please respond to at least two questions from the ‘Background and General Info.’ section, and at least one question from each additional section. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

  • Background and General Info.

    • Tell us about a time in your career that you wanted something so badly that you were unstoppable in pursuing it.

    • What's the last thing you really ‘geeked out’ about? Why?

    • We aim to bring together a team with diverse skills. What do you think is your unique strength?

    • What is one personal weakness you have identified and worked to improve?

  • How do you connect?

    • Who has been a mentor in your personal life, and what did she/he/they do that helped you?

    • What is a way you currently support fellow entrepreneurs?

  • How do you curate?

    • What are the best resources in your current entrepreneurial community?

    • What resource(s) is your community missing?

  • How do you host?

    • What was the best entrepreneurship event you’ve attended and what made it so special?

    • What is your favorite event that you’ve played a role in hosting? Why was it successful?

  • How do you meet?

    • Who is an entrepreneur in your network today that you think Next Gen can support?

    • How would you convince a successful entrepreneur to speak at your event?

    • Who was the last fellow entrepreneur you met in person and why did you meet her/him/them?

  • Let’s celebrate.

    • Who is an entrepreneur in your network that you would nominate for Entrepreneur of the Year?

    • What is the coolest thing you’ve enjoyed over your entrepreneurial journey?

Next Gen Summit is committed to equal employment opportunity and employs all qualified persons without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, handicap, or any other classification protected by the federal, state or local laws.