Next Gen Yale: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Up


Next Gen Yale: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Up

Written and Curated by Chloe Fink

Next Gen Yale: A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting Up

Written and Curated by Chloé Fink

  1. Introductory remarks

    1. Why Yale is a great place to be a young entrepreneur.

  1. Figuring It Out

    1. A navigation of resources at Yale that can help you along the way.

      1. Student and University Organizations which provide entrepreneurial opportunities.

      2. Relevant courses at Yale

      3. Entrepreneurial Spaces

  1. Starting Up, Scaling and Growing

    1. A navigation of resources that help founders who have an idea or eagerness to take action to turn your visions into reality.

      1. Funding to help your start-up grow

  1. Opportunities outside of Yale

    1. Useful resources that exist beyond the direct Yale community.  

Introductory remarks

Congratulations! You are looking to create a start-up while at Yale University, and you could not have picked a better environment in which to start your business. Yale is rich with opportunities to support you, but sometimes the sheer amount of resources can be overwhelming. This guide is made to support you along the way, and help you navigate the wonderful community around you.

Figuring It Out

Yale has a plethora of entrepreneurial and business-related sources, and it can be hard to figure out which places are right for you. This section will provide a navigation of resources to help you learn about entrepreneurship, become inspired, and gain exposure to ideas, models, and projects.

The first section focuses on organizations that exist within Yale. These clubs are a great place to start and meet other like-minded individuals. Many of the clubs offer their own funding, activities and competitions which members can take part in. Yale is a friendly and supportive environment, and so if one of these clubs sparks your interest you shouldn't be afraid to reach out to them!

The Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES)

The Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES) is 50(c)3 non-profit organization that is run by undergraduates at Yale. They offer a variety of opportunities to those both in their organization and the wider Yale community. With over 1500 subscribers to their newsletter, they offer a unique ability to disseminate entrepreneurial information across the Yale community. They provide a variety of activities designed for entrepreneurial-minded Yalies, such as their mentorship program where they pair driven students with successful mentors who can provide guidance and advice to have students navigate their journeys.  

Events offered by YES:

Entrepreneurial Leaders and Innovators (ELI) speaker series:

The Eli speaker series provides a forum for students to interact with leaders in tech and venture creation.

Entrepreneurial Bootcamp:

In collaboration with the Yale School of Management, YES provides a workshop series dedicated to giving undergraduate students exposure to areas that they would not typically interact with.

YES hosts an annual ‘tech trek’ to New York City, and conference in Boston. Past destinations on the New York trip have included Spotify, Google and LinkedIn. The Boston conference incorporates a networking reception and panel discussion focused on current entrepreneurial topics.

Interested in finding out more?  Subscribe to their newsletter here:  and/or attend their weekly Pizza & Pitchers event which is designed to unite people across different fields at Yale who are interested in entrepreneurship. Here you would have the chances to discuss and brainstorm ideas in a casual setting.

Yale Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Magazine (YE Mag)

The Yale Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Magazine is a hub for entrepreneurship at Yale. YE Mah has a website and a semesterly publication that covers both on and off campus news. The publication includes interviews with founders, insights into recent entrepreneurial developments, spotlights on students and alumni ventures, and tips for navigating Yale’s entrepreneurial resources.
The Yale Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Magazine currently appears to be down, however, I have spoken to those in charge of it and it appears that they will be starting it back up this coming semester. More updates to come!

Yale Startup Consulting Group (YSCG)

The Yale Startup Consulting Group is focused on bringing together entrepreneurship and consulting. Their goal is to find sustainable business development solutions to challenges specific to the tech startup industry. Contact them at

Yale Net Impact (YNI)

Yale Net Impact is focused on teaching Yale students about consulting for the socially-minded enterprises. Net Impact was in not solely a Yale organization, but rather an international community with  30,000 members and 300 chapters worldwide. The focus of Net Impact is that combining the business world and social sector. The Yale undergraduate chapter gives an opportunity for Yale students to form on management consulting projects and to be a part of a variety of initiatives that change each semester. In the YNI consulting projects a group works with various advisers on projects for a client. Special initiatives are opportunities to work with like-minded people around campus and start a socially minded venture.

The Yale Undergraduate Diversified Investments (YUDI)

YUDI  is an undergraduate investment group which teaches its members about finance and investing. YUDI focuses on teaching through four different types of methods:

1. A series of classes taught by School Of Management students who have experience working at Investment Banks and other financial institutions.
2. Guest lectures and Q&A from experts.
3. A stock game competition.
4. Networking events

Yale Undergraduate Private Equity & Venture Capital Club (YPEVC)
YPEVC is a fairly new organization, founded in 2016,  with a focus on equipping students with knowledge and skills that will help them succeed in private equity and venture capital.  YPEVC has a seminar series in the spring which is focused on teaching students on everything from investing to resume building.

Yale Women In Business (YWIB)
Yale Women in Business an undergraduate-run organization that promotes female leadership in business and entrepreneurship. They provide both women at in and out of Yale with the resources to aid their success in professional environments. YWIB gives students with opportunities to engage with the community and collaborate with businesses in New Haven, interact with professional mentors, learn about career opportunities, and compete in entrepreneurship competitions. They help developing ventures and work with organizations to help students launch their business ideas. They offer a variety of conferences that students can attend to learn more about business and relevant topics in today’s world. *This program may no longer be running*

Contact them at


Launch is an organization at Yale which focuses on identifying solutions to challenges our world faces, and launching successful enterprises based on these solutions. Launch has weekly meetings, “Launch Talks” which is a speaker series where innovators and educators speak to students, and a pitch day where every member in the organization pitches a business proposal to the other Launch members and a panel of mentors. Launch picks two ideas from the pitch day to move forward with in the spring semester. Launch's ventures have been awarded nearly $1MM in grants, prizes and investment.

Recommended Classes:

Yale provides a unique learning environment and a wide array of courses for you to take over your time here. Why not bring some of your entrepreneurial spirit to class! I have put together a list of some of the classes that have an entrepreneurial focus, but with courses continuously coming and going the range in endless. Be sure to check out coursetable to explore some more options.

Interested in social entrepreneurship? Check out  F&ES 631 Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship or MGT 677: Cultural Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility.

Interested in public health? Check out GLBL 910: Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Public Health.

Want to learn more about capitalist corporation in global contexts? Check out Anth 140: The Corporation.

Back to the basics? Check out MGT 665: Principles of Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurial Spaces at Yale

Yale provides some great places where your entrepreneurial side can flourish, why not take a minute to go visit them! These spaces are an excellent location to meet others that share your interests, and an ideal spot to develop your company.

Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design (CEID)

The CIED is 8,700 square foot collaborative design lab at Yale with the purpose of enabling the design, development, and actualization of ideas. The CIED has an open studio, lecture hall, wet lab, and meeting rooms. It is impressively outfitted with 3-D printers, hand-tools, electronics workstations, and a variety of materials. Members of the CEID have 24/7 access to the space, and all of its resources, as well as the opportunity to participate in courses and events.

Center for Business and the Environment at Yale

The Center is a program which focuses on supporting new business ideas. The center aids students throughout the entire process, starting with conception and planning and going through pitching and seed funding.


Yale makes appears to no longer be functioning, however, I will revisit it at another point and update the document accordingly.

Starting Up, Scaling and Growing:

Now that you have figured out your business model, it is time to get your business on its feet. Funding often comes from clubs directly, or you can apply to your major at Yale, however below I have listed some other great places at Yale where you can apply for funding.

Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (CITY)

Tsai CITY was made in order to support students interested in finding new and innovative ways to tackle real-world problems. CITY offers a variety of opportunities for students develop their ideas, including skill-building workshops, deep-dives into subjects from blockchain to podcasting, inspiring talks from innovators and entrepreneurs, and mentorship and funding for students working on new ventures.

Tsai CITY offers two main funds that support both individual students and student organizations.  The first fund is the Student Innovation Fund. Students can be awarded up to $500 from this fund for any travel, supplies or costs needed to move forward with a project that is related to innovation and entrepreneurship. The second fund is the Student Event Fund, where any student club or organizations can apply for up to $500 for any event that meets the following criteria: 1. Relates to innovation or entrepreneurship 2. Promotes diversity and inclusion 3. Enables interdisciplinary collaboration 4. Results in some kind of concrete action. There are also a variety of awards that are granted through CITY. Contact them at

The Elmseed Enterprise Fund

Elmseed is fully undergraduate-run, registered 501(c)(3) non-profit in New Haven. Elmseed is dedicated to helping New Haven small businesses through one-on-one personalized consulting, business training, technical assistance, and a network of peer support.

Opportunities Outside Of Yale

It is not only Yale that has abundant resources, but the greater New Haven community is also full of valuable opportunities. From maker spaces to business guidance, be sure to explore everything that New Haven has to offer.

Startup Grind

New Haven Startup Grind is a community of local business people, founders and students can all come together to support and teach each other. Startup Grind occasionally bring in speakers to talk about their stories, and how they got to be where they are today.


MakeHaven is a not-for-profit community makerspace where members can come to develop and collaborate on projects. Makehaven has a woodshop, laser cutters, sewing machines, electronics workbenches, CNC mill and 3d printers. It also offers free events and meetups, classes and workshops, and training and project mentorship.

Connecticut Innovations (CI)

Connecticut Innovations is a strategic venture capital company in Connecticut. They provide financing and support for growing companies. They offer equity investments for early-stage technology companies, guidance from their mentors, and valuable introductions to their network of businesses.

the Grove

The Grove is a workspace for both organizations and independent individuals to visit. It fosters an environment of collaboration where people can incubate and network while finding ways to make a difference in society.

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