Next Gen Summit 2017: Wrap-Up

 Photo courtesy of Yael Pachino Photography.

Photo courtesy of Yael Pachino Photography.

A few months ago, we released the application to attend the 2017 Next Gen Summit, and we were beyond excited. Year 3 was here, and we had big plans to make this event our best yet.

As the months passed and June 2nd neared, admittedly we became nervous — would this year’s conference live up to expectations? Our community deserved the best, and would the weekend deliver?

But as soon as the first attendee walked in, all of our worries faded.

From June 2nd-4th, smiles were shared, laughs were abundant, and lifelong connections were made. 700 people touched NGS this year. We welcomed founders of billion dollar brands and companiesNBA and NFL starsShark Tank alumsworld-renowned fitness expertsunderwater drone creators, and countless others who are motivated to change the world.

Bitcoin enthusiasts from Washington discussed business plans with journalists from Nigeria; student-founders from Hong Kong traded advice with multi-national consultants from London; our attendees learned how Brandon Steiner made millions selling dirt, and the Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Mag gave insider’s advice for companies seeking press.

Over 20 startups pitched their ideas to investors representing more than $4.1B in capital, while greater than 6.5 million folks engaged with us online.

Our 50+ speakers opened up to share the stories and tips behind their successes, and over 50 mentors sat down with attendees to provide feedback crucial to promoting personal and professional triumph.

And all throughout the weekend, our community shined, choosing to grow through collaboration instead of competition. We’d trade away any statistic for the hundreds of hard-working, passionate, bright young entrepreneurs who are sharing their dreams, their goals, their struggles, and their support with each other.

Thank you for buying in. Thank you for opening up. Thank you for being you.

We have big plans for this community, and it all centers around that same goal — find good people and get them to help one another. And for that, we can take the least credit.

To all those who made #NGS2017 so special, from our families to our mentors & speakers and all of our attendees, we could not have done this without you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts — you’ve made our dream come true.

Thank you for believing in yourselves, and for allowing us to believe in you, too.

 Photo courtesy of Yael Pachino Photography.

Photo courtesy of Yael Pachino Photography.

 Photo courtesy of Yael Pachino Photography.

Photo courtesy of Yael Pachino Photography.

The late Scott Dinsmore would sign off his emails the same way, and we feel it only appropriate to replicate his tradition during special moments like this.

‘To doing what matters,’

Dylan & Justin